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The New Sotterlee Project International

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Even during the course of the winter months, work continues at the Flint Creek Facility in Huntington, Indiana.

The following items are needed to continue with the work.  If you can assist with any of the items, please contact 

  • Manpower.  Flint Creek Facility will have work days through out the winter months, weather permitting. Please email us or follow us on Facebook for all of the latest information.  
  • Wood splitters
  • Pre-made storage sheds
  • Use of a Bobcat or front end loader
  • Gas cards (BP and/or Marathon)
  • Chainsaws
  • Four wheeler with trailer
  • Money
Also, Newsotterlee Project is looking to invest in a fire iron set from Eel River Forge.  If you would like to support this investment, please contact us at